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Bodega Cuatro Rayas
Spanien - Castilla-León - Rueda

Descripción del viñedo :

Protected by the fertile waters of the Duero River, the D.O. Rueda is located at 730m of altitude. It experiences long and cold winters, short springs with late frosts, and hot summers.

The difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures in the D.O. Rueda is significant. This is the secret to the balance between sugar (produced by the sun) and acidity, which is preserved thanks to the low nighttime temperatures.

Sunshine hours: 2,600 hours per year


Cuatro Rayas' vineyards are located on typically terraced lands, with a sandy loam composition and a high percentage of pebbles in the first 10 cm.

The next 30 cm consist of sandy soil, which gives way to a high clay content at 50 cm.

These soils have low organic content and are very warm due to their high content of pebbles and sand in the superficial layers.


Nuestros vinos
Cuatro Rayas Organic Rosé - 2018
Cuatro Rayas Organic Tempranillo - 2018
Cuatro Rayas Organic Verdejo - 2018
Cuatro Rayas Organic Verdejo - 2018
Cuatro Rayas Organic Tempranillo - 2017
Cuatro Rayas Organic Tempranillo - 2017
Cuatro Rayas Organic Verdejo - 2017
Cuatro Rayas Verdejo ecologico - 2014
Nave sur Verdejo ecologico - 2014
Cuatro Rayas Tinto ecologico - 2013
Nave sur Tinto ecologico - 2013

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